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The California criminal justice system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – Peter Kuykendall is a licensed California Bar Association member and Bay Area criminal defense attorney, who is here to provide affordable, aggressive, confidential, and personal California criminal defense representation. If an attorney-client relationship is formed after the initial free consultation, Santa Rosa criminal defense lawyer Peter Kuykendall will personally represent you in every stage of the California criminal justice adjudicative process, and passionately fight for your rights. Let Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney Peter Kuykendall handle the semantics, so you can concentrate on enjoying life. The Law Offices of Peter Kuykendall currently serves criminal defendant's in Sonoma County, Marin County, Napa County, Mendocino County, San Francisco County, and Solano County.  In special circumstances, Peter Kuykendall also handles criminal defense litigation in other California counties such as Alameda, Oakland, and Orange County. 

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​​Boutique law firm specializing in criminal defense including domestic violence, driving under the influence (DUI), misdemeanors, felonies, strikes (three-strikes law), and life imprisonment allegations. Attorney Peter Kuykendall has comprehensive criminal defense experience in misdemeanor, felony, and prior strike cases. Mr. Kuykendall has extensive jury trial experience including being lead counsel in eight jury trials post pandemic (since May 2022). Mr. Kuykendall has been lead counsel in jury trials involving driving under the influence, domestic violence, child abuse, felonious resisting arrest, attempted murder, felony reckless evading, hit and run, assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, possession of a controlled substance, vandalism, criminal street gang allegations, and molestation charges, et alia. Mr. Kuykendall is a skilled negotiator, has achieved a multitude of pre-trial dismissals, and successfully defended hundreds of people accused of crimes in California, doing so with honesty and integrity. Mr. Kuykendall has over 10 years of criminal defense experience. 


Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney Peter Kuykendall has significant experience representing criminal defendants in California criminal trials. If you are facing criminal charges and believe you may want to exercise your constitutional right to a jury trial please call Kuykendall Law to find out how Sonoma County criminal defense attorney Peter Kuykendall may be able to help you. 


The simple answer is every criminal matter is unique and the length of time a criminal matter takes to resolve will depend on many factors. Some of the factors that will effect how long your California criminal charges will take to resolve include the following:

1. Superior Court case load

2. The particular Superior Court Judge assigned to a case

3. The nature and complexity of the criminal charges

4. The District Attorney assigned to prosecute the matter

5. Discovery Issues

6. Availability of witnesses 


Remember, if you have contact with a police officer you have the right to remain silent and you do not have to and should not consent to a warrantless search of your person or property. (However, a police officer may have a valid reason to search your person or property without a warrant and without your consent so be respectful and let them do there job, you just don't have to consent!) 


Discovery is obtaining information before trial through demands, or otherwise. Discovery includes information contained in police reports, audio / video recordings, documents, and photos. The police report is usually obtained at arraignment, which usually occurs during the first court appearance. Other discovery may need to be requested through informal requests from different governmental agencies or private entities. Obtaining discovery is an important part of the criminal justice system and critical to a case. 


The answer is maybe. In most misdemeanor cases, a criminal defense attorney can appear on your behalf pursuant to penal code section 977, unless the judge orders otherwise. In felony cases, the court may allow a  criminal defense attorney to appear on your behalf. If you do not hire a criminal defense attorney, then you must personally appear. Please call the law offices of Peter Kuykendall to discuss with experienced Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney Peter Kuykendall your options for your scheduled California Superior Court appearances. 

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Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney and active California Bar Association member Peter Kuykendall provides personal service to every client during the entire criminal justice process. If an attorney-client relationship is formed,  Santa Rosa criminal attorney Peter Kuykendall will personally appear in the Superior Court in the County where the alleged criminal incident occurred (Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Mendocino, and San Francisco and Lake Counties) and assist you in making informed and knowledgeable decisions regarding the intricacies of defending your criminal defense matter. He has achieved successful results representing people charged and prosecuted with numerous types of felony and misdemeanor crimes, such as: property offenses including hit and run, and vandalism; marijuana violations including transportation and sales; DUI offenses including driving under the influence of marijuana, drugs, and alcohol; Domestic violence offenses including corporal injury to spouse, Felony and misdemeanor resisting arrest; sex offenses including lewd and lascivious contact with a minor, oral copulation and sexual penetration; theft allegations including grand theft, burglary and shoplifting; child endangerment and abuse; Drug Possession Allegations including possession of methamphetamine; Fraud Charges including identity theft, Weapons Violations including possession of an assault weapon; and many more. Santa Rosa criminal lawyer Peter Kuykendall has also been successful in achieving reductions, expungements, and re-negotiated sentences. Call today to schedule a consultation. Sonoma County Criminal defense attorney Peter Kuykendall earned a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Michigan University and a Juris Doctor from Chapman University School of Law.


Clearing Warrants in California:

If you have been arrested or cited for a California criminal offense, it is advisable to promptly and diligently take care of the criminal allegations and prosecution if the District Attorney decides to file charges. If you choose to ignore your court date or if  life gets in the way and you are unable to attend your California court appearance, for whatever reason, in which case a Judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. In these situations, it is prudent to hire a criminal defense attorney experienced in clearing judicially ordered warrants. Peter Kuykendall is a criminal defense attorney experienced in clearing warrants. Call his Santa Rosa Criminal Defense firm to find out your options for clearing your warrant. 

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Soon after an arrest, the arresting Police Officer should memorialize the event by writing a police report or investigative report.  Police reports are supposed to include the police officer's observations, a list of evidence collected, witness statements, locations, descriptions, biographical information, contact information, and more. The false conception is that police reports are accurate. However, police officers are human and are prone to mistakes. For example, stress. Stress effects memory and can have an impact on the accuracy of police reports. Indeed, arrests can be stressful for everyone involved, including the police officer. Another example is as simple as sloppy police reporting. Whatever the reason, police reports can have inaccuracies and it is crucial to review them with a critical eye. 

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