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If you have an open arrest warrant, it is wise to take care of the warrant as soon as possible. In some cases, an experienced private criminal defense attorney can help you clear the warrant without you ever needing to appear in court. Taking a proactive approach to clearing a warrant is prudent because it let's the court know that you are serious about taking care of the issue. If you don't clear the warrant you may be arrested and incarcerated. For example, if you are pulled over for a minor traffic violation and the police officer sees an open warrant when they run a records or warrant check, they may arrest you immediately. If you or someone you know has an open warrant please call the Law Offices of Peter Kuykendall to set up an initial free consultation. Criminal defense attorney Peter Kuykendall will guide you through the clear-warrant process and can also assist you with the charges underlying the warrant. Please don't wait until you encounter a police officer, call (707) 595-0663 today to set up your consultation. 

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